Boloney at the Joint Mathematics Meeting 2014 in Baltimore - some Impressions

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that's my stuff. 
a crocheted boysurface in honor of daina taimina.

a shot of the lecture of Sarah-Marie Belcastro
a very funny and exerted (i hope that's the right vocable) woman!

a shot of the lecture of Caroly Yackel
(i didn't understand the math, when i took it - now i still don't, but i'm having an idea - just to show my mathematical progress here a bit ;)

Math embroidery, so beautiful

lace making! the german word is better: KLÖPPELN
i want to learn it!
teach me!

already tried that one
called Moore-cuve (squarefilling)
it's miraculous
and invented by Cyle Kalderhead
i had the chance to talk to him at the knitting circle
he told me, he started crocheting during graduate school to calm himself
seems like he couldn't seperate his mathematical thoughts from this meditating activity
you never know what happens
when you are crossing things that never have been crossed before
(that also is a metaphor included in the pattern, by the way)

a work of S. Louise Gould
sewing with embroidery
she prints patterns of shapes, she provides with the computer
... if i understood correctly ...

Cyle Kalderhead again
and i thought it couldn't get better after his work of the Moore-curve
a hexagonal version of it

D. Jacob Wildstrom
with the blanket for his baby
which displays the dragon-curve as he told me

Gabriele Meyer
saw pictures of her work before i came to baltimore
and was very happy to get the chance to actually see it

shot of Kyle Calderheads lecture

algorithms in traditional philipine basket waving technique 
as an exercise for school
what an idea
i made pictures of every transparency
because i loved it
the whole concept is just beautiful

the knitting circle!
on an international congress of mathematicians
even if everybody has been incredibly tired of the lectures during the day
everybody came
it was very well visited

Sarah Katherine Stengle
i'm very honored that i could get to know her better
and some of her work she showed me
a very impressing women

Faye E. Goldman
also won a price

Robert Fathauer
one of the best works of the exhibition
also won a price
he and Reza Sarhangi are organisators of the bridges conferences
next one in august in seoul

Eva Knoll
she is also involved in the lessons about the philipine basket waving techniques i mentioned before
for me this work is like a mathematical development of the well known and often used hound's-tooth check (Hahnentritt)

Peter Sittner
a very kind carpenter
who was as thrilled about the whole meeting as i was
had some very good talks with him
his work is about the borromean ring
he also told me the secret about not carving his work out of one piece
and still not showing any mark of  joining the different pieces together
he managed to use seven pieces
solved the problem in a sleepless night

So Yoon Lym
afro american hair style techniques in a mathematical context
a smart move!

Soul Schleimer and Henry Segerman
i got to know Henry
he did some impressive works with the 3d-printer
he also showed me a textile appearing structure, he developed

this one also MOVED!!!
with an electric motor
i guess

George Hart
it's his job to travel around and do workshops, building mathematical sculptures collectively
they used these templates you can see on the table in front of him
 to ensure the right angles for each module

Margret Kepner
(copyright of the picture belongs to herself)
It is a work about magic squares combined with quilting patterns
her lecture was eye opening for me
she's a very kind women
who knows what it means to open awareness about certain contents

Shanti Chandrasekar
(the credits for the picture belong to herself)
made a model of a black hole
i was thinking about that for a long time
i was very happy to finaly see it
thank you shanti!

i also want to mention
Meyer Schwartz
(copyright of the picture belongs to himself)
he developed the program he used for that work by himself
i want to see it like he made a digital brush
it's a difference if you are using a program already existing
than to think about the structure
that produces the picture

i don't want to see this as a selection of the works i liked the most
the whole congress has been amazing and i would sit here for weeks, if i wanted to display my thoughts properly
and accordingly to the importance of the things i saw and learned at the meeting

more information about the art exhibition here:

and about the work of Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Carolyn Yackel

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