You should take your Boloney more serious!

about my name:

generally I took it, to always remember: 
Don't take things too serious, Lilian!

I hit upon the word boloney because of the movie "Tootsie" (1982)
Director: Sydney Pollak.

Here's a marvelous interview with Dustin Hoffman about it
...which also somehow shows, what my name is about
... but actually the word was used differently, when i fell in love with it

german translation:
boloney, auch baloney (engl.) - Quatsch, Mortadella ähnliche Wurst



it also has a certain kind of symmetry, which corresponds with the symmetry of my first name:

L ili an
B olo ney

and this symmetry also exists in my real name ... somehow

Wi ese r

.... and that's the reason why. 

... i almost forgot: 

You could also read 

- only if you want - 

the letter   
as the number  

which is the most hilarious prime number 


in the year 2013 the actual decocooning of Lilian Boloney happened 
(this link only leads to a description, of what that could mean)

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