pi-day vienna

Milena found the idea of the skyline at this blog: whatdowedoallday.com

and because it is such a genius simple way to picture the crazyness of pi, I thought, that would be the perfect ritual for pi-day. So I contacted <==Roter Vektor== (the representatives of the study of mathematics in Vienna) and they instantly welcomed the idea. It was very easy to work with them. Thanks a lot at that point <3 br="">

Besides of eating A LOT OF self made pie the whole day, we were constantly producing decimal places of pi, as you can see in the video.

I was amazed about the creativity the mathematicians (and also students of other disciplines) displayed. With almost every sheet of ten decimal places another possibility of visual abstraction came to light. We reached 1140 places at the end of the day.

My favorite ten decimal places appear at the screen at Minute 1:06, by the way. The artist's name is Martin, as far as i remember right (please contact me, if I am wrong!).

Robert discovered, that at the decimal places 761 to 770 Pi has six nines in a row. It was the sheet of paper with the biggest surface. He even proved it by comparing with all the other sheets. I unfortunately moved the camera very fast at that point, so it is difficult to identify, but you can find it at Minute 1:21.
He also wrote the excel-file that numbered the packages of ten decimal places per sheet.

You can contemplate the finished peace of art at Vektorraum 01.136 at Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna.

And please don't forget: the pope is Buddhist.

(the peace of music in the video also represents pi: the sound of pi)

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