the ribbon of arranged confusion @ partycipation 2014

It is made out of two strings. A black one and a white one.
The two strings are not crocheted together. They build two separated nets of perpendicular and parallel lines. Those two crocheted nets are interwoven with each other and can build an intended pattern, which turns out differently on the other side of the textile surface.

I experimented with a pattern of 2 x 7 squares. 7 of them contain insignificant room filling curves. The other 7 squares are variants of my sign. Both categories alternate like a chess pattern. There are also two 13s within the pattern, because it is part of my sign and a primary number and beside of that a symbol for luck and death.

The rest is just irrelevant ornament.

I called it "the ribbon of arranged confusion", because of an Idea of my colleague and friend Hanna Hollmann, who is working with the term "monochrome confusion". It refers to a world view, that wants to get its release out of the knowing of the impossibility of the perception of one certain reality ... somehow, maybe ... at least I want to understand it like that. I'm seeing in this term this vague moment of translation of perception into any kind of language.

I'm using this perspective in the title of this work for the possibility to leave the undeniable chaos alive, within a categorization of perception. Each chaos of a possible room filling curve is held in a straight pattern and I want to see those chaos-squares connected with my sign as my identity.

The crocheting pattern is discovered by Cyle Kalderhead.
He's a crocheting mathematician I got to know at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore.
He used it two display the Hilbert-Curve.
I admire his work!!!

I worked on the ribbon about 50 hours (without haven counted them).
There are three noteable mistakes I left.
I also unpicked a lot of rows with mistakes, so it was more work than you can actually see.

Some parts turned out differently than I intended them.

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