This weekend I traveled to Graz to the Elevate Award Show. 


Liliane Sahra Kölbl, 
Julian Paul Leutgeb and 
Sebi Theissig 

They asked me, to represent the PARTYCIPATION-festival 
together with 

Luka Sulzer

at the Elevate Award show.
The Partycipation was nominated for the Artivism Award.

I was pretty nervous and tried to hide, that my hands were shaking.
I think I didn't manage,
because they were projected
over dimensional big!
 Herr Hermes was moderating the whole evening.
That was one reason for my fuss, I guess.
And the big audience, too.

 Dean Puckett
- a very nice and dedicated documentary maker - 
spontaneously conducted the camera, 
which Jakob
- the technician - 
connected with an endless green cable
with the equipment of the Elevate-Crew.

Without them, the whole performance wouldn't have worked at all.  

 Luka Sulzer sang Sail and also a second song. 
He's the singer of Saint Chameleon
and has a pretty unique voice.
Calming in times of fuss.

I'm very proud that I drew some genitals.

 the motif was very much about a theoretical book i'm reading right now
Geschlechter Interferenzen

 i used the metaphor for a connection on a bodywise level
and it was also about connecting thoughts
the clouds over the figures heads,
were intended to be clouds of thinking

but also about the psychoanalysis of lacan
i was thinking a lot about
humans as
subjects as inadequate beings
that's why all of them had broken hearts
or at least hearts with scarfs
the whole drawn scene
of a group of inadequate beings
were observed by a drawn monade
with also a broken heart

after talking to a friend
i can say
it might be the case
the monade was wrong
about the inadequacy of us subjects
but i'm not sure about that

in any case...

... we were quiet happy, because PARTYCIPATION won the award!!!

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